Hi everyone! Welcome to WanderingPapaya.

So, who am I?

My name is Kaya Agnew, and I love travel and everything associated with it. New experiences, new people, breathtaking views, how the highs almost always outweigh the lows, and culture shocks. On this blog, I will be writing about my past and present travels and things I have learned along the way.


Outside the colosseum, Rome

I am 21 years old, vegetarian and currently working full time (bleh!). I began the University of Dundee in 2013, thinking that that was setting me up for what I wanted to do – study a subject I wasn’t sure if I even liked, graduate, get a job. I can tell you that the year I began was great – but for all the wrong reasons. Like all new university students, I made new friends, drank far too much and ate far too much pizza. I soon realised I hated the course I was in, and I was miserable. After developing severe anxiety and having panic attacks most nights, I decided enough was enough, and I left. I had gone to university without even questioning if there were any other options in life – and I feel that there is an immense pressure on young people to do the same.

Since leaving, I’ve been working full time over the past two and a half years, and last year, my boyfriend and I thought screw it and decided to save up and follow our dreams. We will start our journey round South East Asia this summer! We’ve already been to a fair few places already, on holidays and city breaks, and we cannot wait to hand our notices in and travel full time for several months.


He is my absolute rock. At the Notre Dame, Paris

Travel is without a doubt what makes me happiest, and it’s about time I start being a bit more selfish, instead of worrying about what other people think.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and I hope you follow your dreams.

Kaya x