Two Months To Go: Preparation, Excitement… And Nerves

With exactly two months and two days to go until our plane touches down in Bangkok, I am simultaneously terrified and so excited. The next time I’ll be on a plane it will be with a one way ticket to a huge adventure.


Travel is, of course, something that requires a hell of a lot of preparation – something I am terrible at. Which I nearly always leave until the last minute possible. So far, to prepare myself for our South East Asia trip, I have…

  • Purchased travel insurance. Which took a fairly large chunk out of the budget.
  • Had five vaccinations. FIVE. With two still to go. I will be ecstatic when I get up and walk out of the travel clinic for the last time. For the record, the vaccinations I have chosen to have are: Hepatitis B (3x injections required), Rabies (also 3x required), and a combined vaccination of Typhoid and Hepatits A (1x injection required). These have also taken a rather large chunk out of our budget – I was genuinely shocked when discovering the cost of some travel vaccinations.
  • Purchased my backpack and daypack. For my backpack, I have opted for the 40L Kathmandu Cargo Shuttle in purple – yes, I am trying to convince myself that I will pack light – and for my daypack, the Kathmandu Dash 20L Lightweight Backpack. I used this daypack for our trip to Kraków back in March and it is honestly so comfortable. I’m not ashamed to say I made every family member I saw prior to our trip try it on.     
  • Chosen a lightweight laptop for travelling with. Unfortunately, my trusty – yet hugely bulky – HP laptop decided that it was randomly going to break and cost me £200 to fix, so my mum kindly offered me my new laptop as an early birthday present; I chose the Asus Chromebook C300sa, which is awesome.
  • Ordered some travel essentials – I have begun to purchase things I had never considered I would need. A mosquito net, packing cubes, travel towels… the list goes on.
  • Gotten rid of a rather large proportion of my wardrobe. I managed to fill one large charity bag with unwanted/unneeded clothes that I’ve only worn once or twice, and two large bin bags with old clothes that I’ve been hoarding for years and many, many, many old pairs of black tights, most of which were ripped.   
  • Opended up a second bank account with the same bank I’m with just now. I figured this would be useful in case of emergencies or if I lose my main bank card.
  • Fallen in love with Lush’s solid shampoo. Yes, this does deserve to be on this list. In attempt to go carry-on only, I decided to make the switch to using this – it’s more environmentally friendly, it’s super portable, and works so well. I will never, ever, turn back to liquid shampoo!

We are yet to cancel all of our bills, move all of our stuff out of the flat to our parents’ homes, which are approximately two hours away from where we live right now, figure out what the hell to do with our phones/SIM cards and, the part I’m most excited for, quitting our jobs.


Our seemingly never-ending list of things to do before leaving isn’t quite as relaxing as this was…



Don’t get me wrong – I’m super excited that we’re approaching our departure date, and so happy that we’ve managed to get this far with saving as much as possible to be able to leave for the trip of a lifetime. However, like anyone who is about to head off to somewhere they’ve never been before with no return ticket, I am also incredibly nervous; so, I thought I would share some of the things which are fear-inducing/daunting for me.

  • How the hell am I supposed to say goodbye to my (dad’s) dogs? Will they think I have abandoned them? Will they remember me when I come back? Will they know it’s me when I Skype home? I have such overwhelming guilt that I’m unable to explain to them that I’m just going travelling. I’m really going to miss my fur babies!
  • I’m scared of something happening to a loved one back at home and having to endure a 17+ hour flight home before I can be with them or my family. I know everyone fears this when they go travelling, but the most important thing is that you know that your family and friends are happy for you for going to do what you love, and if needs must you can still jump on a flight home if something goes wrong. After all, that’s what credit cards are for. You can’t predict what will happen in the future so it’s best to go and live your life and make your loved ones proud while you can.
  • Falling out of touch with friends. However, there are a select few friends I know I would never manage to lose contact with – I believe that true friends will always be there for you, no matter where you are in the world.
  • The never-ending list of questions I taunt myself with; What if I break a leg and have to come home? What if all our stuff gets stolen? What if I contract some weird tropical disease? What if X happens? What if, what if, what if…    
  • Overcoming my fear of being underwater. For some unknown reason, I have always hated water going in my face, and the thought of being underwater makes me freak out. For some of the amazing activities you can do in South East Asia, like snorkelling for example, going underwater is obviously a crucial requirement. Hopefully I’ll get a grip and overcome this so that I can live life to the fullest while I’m travelling.
  • Moving everything out of our flat. This is more of a stress-factor rather than a fear, but oh my god. Shaun and I are complete hoarders. Pictures and paintings, quirky ornaments, Shaun’s collection of unique glass bottles, Shaun’s DVD collection… I could go on. The amount of things we refuse to throw out combined with how little time left we have in the flat is not okay. Although, it will get done, and two months from now we won’t even have to think about moving our entire lives out of anywhere for a long time.  

I could go on. And on. I have a bunch of more insignificant fears/bug-bears as well; Where do I go to get my eyebrows done? What if I look fat in every bikini I try on? Will I be able to withstand the constant 30+ degree heat? You know, ridiculous things that do. not. even. matter.


I can’t wait to be looking out at amazing views all around South East Asia…


Nevertheless; I am so proud of myself and Shaun for actually going ahead with this trip and I just know we will have the time of our lives. I am so, so excited to try new foods, meet new people, explore new places… and just get out of our god-awful office job routines and LIVE for a while.


What are your fears about travel? Is there anything additional you can think of that I’ll need to take care of before I travel? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “Two Months To Go: Preparation, Excitement… And Nerves

  1. Reading the Book says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this! It actually sounds like you’re super well prepared, both in terms of organisation but also emotionally. It would be a bad sign if you WEREN’T thinking and worrying about the things you are! All part of the adventure – and it will become so much easier once your trip has started and it’s reality rather than fear of the unknown. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Karlie says:

    I actually found your blog through the comments section of another blog and thought we sounded like we had similar experiences. I’m ready to follow you on your journey! I think with the point of losing contact with friends is one of those things that’s easy to worry about. I know that I did. But the reality is that I actually don’t really even think about those friendships myself other than a brief, it’ll be nice to maybe grab coffee when I get home. Other friendships tend to take their place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • wanderingpapaya says:

      Yeah I totally get what you’re saying, but I guess it’s easy to worry when you’re leaving everything behind for several months haha! Yep I’m so excited to meet new people and make new friends along the way though 🙂


  3. Donné says:

    Hey Kaya,
    How are you?
    May I ask what travel insurance you suggest? The one we have is by Allianz (we got it though STA travel which we assumed would be pretty decent) and seems to be have every possible term and condition to prevent being reimbursed for lost or damaged items! We’re looking to change as we’re nervous about not being properly covered while abroad.
    Many thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • wanderingpapaya says:

      Hey Donné! 🙂
      We decided to go with World Nomads as it seemed to be recommended quite highly from other travel bloggers, and their policies seemed to be pretty good. I haven’t had to use it yet as I don’t leave to go on my trip for another month, so I can’t really comment on my own experience yet! It did seem value for money with the types of things that they cover though. Hope this helps you!


      • Donné says:

        Thanks Kaya! Ok great, I’ll look into them. And I hope though that you never do need to use them…
        All the best,


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